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Behind us as LZPRODUCTS CORP there is much more than our products.

Our goal and purpose is to grow daily, improving and renewing ourselves every day for all our customers, always leaving a story, an experience so that when you remember it, it will be a memorable moment!


Today, LZProducts Corp provides and supports many of our partners "that's what we call our clients" to have memorable moments and incredible memories, because each person has a success story. Did you know that LZProducts Corp was born in Bogota? a cosmopolitan city in Colombia, which began providing training and consultancy in Sales and Marketing to many of the country's companies and hand in hand marketed all kinds of original, simple and disruptive merchandising for companies and people who wanted something cool in their spaces, eye-catching and something attractive to the eyes of others. And our offices are now located in New York City in the U.S. Did you know that we were originally called Latam Zintec? This is our brief history!


Felipe Ossa founded LZProducts Corp on August 23, 2018 and his partner Juan David Lopez arrived some time later with brilliantly innovative and unique ideas, he gave it a 360º turn, everything started to flow in a simpler and more weighty way. His beginnings were very funny and curious at the same time our founder worked as National Sales and Marketing Manager in an Advertising and Visual Merchandising company, at the same time he was working for LZProducts Corp company, today consolidated and positioned! I carried out a business with a leading company in Candies and Gums in Bogota where we arrived with more than 10,000 Pencil Cases with cool motifs for children of scarce, which was a personal success for the company, where we focused on what was its purpose of business life, where we reached our philosophy "If you can not find it, let me find it for you, I'll take it home and be happy!

Juan David arrives at the best moment after our case of success filling disruptive ideas of markets and advertising for his vast experience in customer support in the many companies he has collaborated, making the customer vibrate with experiences, unforgettable and unrepeatable moments, joining forces with his two current partners, taking the company to another level!

Did you know that for every LZProducts Corp product you buy, we donate a study kit (pencil case, pencils, pencils, erasers, pencils and colors) and we also support with entrepreneurship classes, personal finance and develop their talents one hour a week to low-income children supported by the foundation La Revolución del Aguila in Colombia.

We are passionate about creating unique stories with our products and connecting memorable moments and incredible experiences with the people you love and share. We firmly believe that the power of objects is the perception we give to those experiences we want to spend and know that it will make us happy at that moment and when we remember it later. Because we know that every moment in life are unique moments and you only live one at a time! That is why it is the mark we want to leave in every moment.

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Detrás de LZPRODUCTS CORP hay mucho más que productos.

Constantemente estamos renovándonos, dejando siempre una historia con cada producto, una experiencia única y un momento memorable! 


LZProducts Corp nace en Bogotá, la capital de Colombia, en sus inicios brindamos capacitaciones y asesorías en ventas y mercadeo a muchas de las empresas del país. Llevando de la mano ambiciosos proyectos que nos llevaron a posicionarnos como una de las mejores empresas del sector. Después de muchas experiencias decidimos expandirnos contando con nuestras primeras oficinas en la ciudad de  New York en Estados Unidos. 


Felipe Ossa fundó LZProducts Corp el 23 de Agosto 2018 y su socio Juan David López llego tiempo después con ideas disruptivas e innovadoras y únicas, dándole un giro de 180º. Nuestro fundador llevo a cabo su primer negocio con un empresa líder en candies y gomas en Bogotá. Se desarrolló un proyecto social donde s entregaron más de 10.000 cartucheras con motivos originales para niños de escasos recursos, el cual fue un éxito para la empresa, allí nació uno de nuestros lemas más importantes: "Sino lo encuentras, déjame lo busco por ti, te lo llevo a casa y se feliz!". 

Después de unos meses llega Juan David al equipo con una amplia experiencia en el sector de investigación de mercado, investigación del consumidor y publicidad. Haciendo vibrar al cliente con experiencias, momentos inolvidables e irrepetibles, llevando la compañía a otro nivel. 

¿Sabías que por cada producto de LZProducts Corp que compras donamos un kit de estudios? (cartuchera, lápices, lapiceros, borrador, taja lápiz y colores ) también apoyamos con clases de emprendimiento, finanzas personales y desarrollo de habilidades a múltiples niños de  fundación La Revolución del Águila en Colombia.

Nos apasiona crear historias únicas conectar momentos memorables y vivencias increíbles.